French Program Testimonials

Click here to read testamonials from a University of Alberta student and a Grade 5 French Immersion student.

DELF Testimonials

“Preparing students for the DELF changed my approach to teaching. My classes are more dynamic and I have placed greater emphasis on comprehension and oral expression” -  Étienne Brière, Grade 12 teacher 

“It was more real than other courses. You dealt with life's everyday situations and this taught you things you could use in the real world!”   Visit the DELF-DALF Canada website to view a video of a branstorming workshop with our Grade 12 Core French students.

“Working to pass the DELF gave me an idea of what it would be like in Montreal and what to expect. In addition, this certificate will open doors for job opportunities.” Ana Strbac, an 18-year-old FSL student, who was going to spend five weeks participating in the Canadian Heritage "Explore" program. According to her, preparing for the DELF gave her the confidence to plunge into this cultural immersion experience in Montreal.