Student Services

Yellowknife Catholic Schools (YCS) Student Services is the overarching department supporting schools, students, and families across the district with respect to Inclusive Schooling (NWT Directive,1996).  Student Services is structured to support student achievement and has a dedicated team of professionals working collaboratively to provide the best in educational opportunities and support services. YCS Student Services provides regular and individualized opportunities for school staff to obtain effective resources, specialists' expertise as well as to gain a deeper understanding of how to universally design programs for all students. 
Promoting a culture of inclusive schooling, YCS requires schools to work collaboratively by actively reviewing their school culture, structures, and processes to be responsive and flexible to the strengths and needs of their students. 
YCS Student Services uses a menu of supports, a pyramid of interventions, collaborative team meeting processes, and assessments that are structured and systematized and honor the students and families we serve.  Sample of supports but limited to: 
Autism Consultants
Educational Assessments
Positive Behavior Supports
Social-Emotional Coaching 
Speech and Occupational therapy support
Consultants in the area of low vision, hearing loss, and disabilities