Fine Arts


Drama is introduced at the Middle School level through exploratory classes. At the high school level, students are fortunate to have a highly skilled teacher building on skills for drama and life as part of a more highly structured program. Drama festivals and major productions hosted by École St. Patrick High School and held at the Northern Arts and Cultural Center allow all students within our district to explore their creative abilities by getting involved in this Fine Arts offering.

Art / Stained Glass / Pottery / Sculpting

Art is part of the prescribed curriculum, but is also available through exploratory classes. 

Band / Music

The music and band programs in our schools are exceptional. Music is offered beginning at Kindergarten and Band is offered beginning at Grade 6. At the high school level, there is a concert band and jazz band as well as many smaller ensembles. The students are very active in practices and it shows in their performances throughout the community. On average, our high school students take part in between 20-25 performances beyond the classroom over the course of the academic year. Music and Band help round out a full and rewarding educational experience.Fine Arts Exploratories

Middle School (Grade 7 and 8) students choose among a variety of Fine Arts courses for study. Students who choose band will stay in band throughout the year. Other students rotate through three different Fine Arts exploratories that they may choose. These exploratories may include: Drama, Music, Choir, Music Appreciation, Art, Dene Drumming and many other choices.